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June 21, 2019 - Retitled second section in The Holy Spirit of God to "What It Is Not: The Giver and His Gift."

June 17, 2019 - Swapped order of "What Happens at Death" and "Definition of the Soul" in The State of the Dead for better flow. Also fixed link to Kingdom Ready (LHIM) in the article.

September 21, 2018 - Revised and expanded the article on Holy Spirit, dividing it into two new articles: The Holy Spirit of God, which deals with what the Holy Spirit is and is not; and The Spirit and the Word, which deals with the connection between God’s Word and His Spirit and how they bring about regeneration in the believer.

September 10, 2018 - Added a new objection to Part Two of New Covenant Commandments.

June 20, 2018 - Added a Closer Look article, Dual Fulfillment of Prophecy.  Made changes to Foundations of Prophecy and Three Schools of Thought in light of the new article. Also changed the link in The Last Days.

April 9, 2018 - Divided Who Is Messiah? and Speaking in Tongues into two pages each, because of the amount of material.

January 19, 2018 - Added This Old Earth, an examination of evolution and Old Earth Creation, in three pages because of the amount of material.  Revised “In the Beginning” and “The Three Parts of Man Fallacy” in light of this article as well as adding some new material.

October 16, 2017 - Consolidated material on Spirit, Soul, and Body; Created, Formed, and Made; and correct understanding of Soul vs. Spirit.  Made it a Closer Look article called The Three Parts of Man Fallacy.  Made revisions in light of this new article to “The Gap Theory,” “The State of the Dead,” “Holy Spirit,” and “Speaking in Tongues.”  Also added new icons for Guest Book, FaceBook, and Email links.

October 6, 2017 - Started FaceBook page to promote and link to the website.

September 28, 2017 - Added a Closer Look article, New Covenant Commandments, in two pages because of the amount of material.  Part One is “What Commandments Must We Obey?” and Part 2 is “Common Objections.”  Added revised versions of “Law or Grace?” and “The New Covenant” in light of this new material, made a few minor tweaks in “Living By Faith,” and added Old Earth Creationist sites to the Suggested Links page.

January 13, 2017 - Made a few minor changes to the About the Author page.

October 3, 2016 - Added Speaking in Tongues page, with several articles exploring whether the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic phenomenon is a genuine revival of the Biblical gift of languages, as well as revisiting much of what I had been previously taught about it. Also, made a few minor additions to “What Day Did Jesus Die?” to include references to the phrase “in three days.”

May 23, 2016 - Further revised and expanded “What Day Did Jesus Die?” and “Jesus and the Passover” with additional consideration of the word for “Preparation” and additional examination of which Feasts are called Sabbaths in Leviticus 23.  Also made a few other revisions to those articles.

September 15, 2014 - Added two new articles relating to end time prophecies: “Refuting Preterism” on the Etcetera page, and a Closer Look article called “The Last Days.”  Also made a few minor wording changes in several articles in the Future Events section.

July 12, 2014 - Published Repent and Be Baptized on Smashwords.com.

April 28, 2014 - Revised and expanded the article on “What Day Did Jesus Die?” with added information about the “three days and three nights” idiom, and a response to E. W. Bullinger’s Appendix 144 of The Companion Bible.

March 8, 2014 - Revised and expanded the article on “The Johannine Comma,” with added sources and further elaboration.

March 1, 2014 - For convenience, the full-text Bible quotations are now followed by a link to the New American Standard Bible on BibleGateway.com. The additional references are still linked to BibleGateway.com with KJV as the default, but you can easily view the NASB or any other version, by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top of the BibleGateway page.  In addition, several typographical errors have been corrected, broken links repaired, and a few tweaks to the wording of some passages to make them clearer.
February 1, 2014 - Updated the Statement of Beliefs, to include reference to the Law, and to reorder the statements

February 3, 2011 - Added two new articles to the Old Testament Foundation section: "The Promised Land" and "The Lord's Anointed" replaced the older articles on Moses and David, expanding and revising the themes therein.
August 24, 2010 - Moved charts and examination of Joshua from main article on "What Day Did Jesus Die" to the follow-up article, "Jesus and the Passover." This simplifies the flow of the main article, and relegates the rebuttal of arguments to the follow-up article. Made corresponding changes in the downloadable DOC and PDF files.
April 12, 2010 - Added charts to "What Day Did Jesus Die?" to illustrate the counting of days from Passover to Pentecost.
April 8, 2010 - Added a few paragraphs to "What Day Did Jesus Die?" dealing with a claim about the wave offering and the Passover in Joshua 5.
February 18, 2010 - Added a new Closer Look article, "The Johannine Comma."
February 17, 2010 - Added a new Closer Look article, "The Kingdom in the Early Church Fathers."
February 11, 2010 - Made a couple of minor revisions to "Who Is Messiah?" I moved the reference to I John 5:7-8 to the "Where is the Proof" section, and expanded the section on I Tim. 3:16, with reference to the TCGNT, and a link to the NET Bible Commentary.
December 13, 2009 - Added a new article, "Is Christmas Pagan?" to the Etcetera section.
November 9, 2009 - Completely revised and updated the article, "This Generation", as well as the Futurism section of the "Three Schools" article.
October 2-12, 2009 - Made a few minor revisions to some of the articles over several days during a review, in preparation for posting extracts from this site on the Kingdomready.org blog. These included adding another Scripture reference to "The New Covenant"; adding a new quote, expanding an existing one, and revising the wording in part of "In Anticipation"; and also tweaking the wording of "The New Covenant" and "This Generation" to make them clearer.
September 23, 2009 - Added a new article, "Textual Evidence and the Great Commission" to the Etcetera section.
September 20, 2009 - Made a few minor changes to "About the Author."
June 23, 2009 - Added a new article to the Etcetera section, "Jesus and the Passover," dealing with some questions following up on "What Day Did Jesus Die?"
May 23, 2009 - Added a paragraph to "What Day Did Jesus Die?" with two more Scripture references illustrating the Biblical time reckoning, "today, tomorrow, and the third day." Also corrected the number of references to "the third day."
April 10, 2009 - Revised the navigation, and put each article (and each part of the Introduction section) on its own page, rather than having all the articles of a section on one page. The navigation buttons across the top now point to the "Overview" page of each section, while the ones on the side point to the articles in that section. The section title/graphic on each page is also a link to the Overview of that section. Each section's Overview has been revised and expanded, so that the casual reader can get a good overall understanding, while the main articles provide more in-depth coverage of the main topics.
Added a new article, "What Is the Gospel?" to the What It Is Not section, and completely revised the Kingdom Come section. It now flows better and presents the New Testament meaning of the Kingdom of God in a more orderly fashion.
Other changes in content include a separate page with all New Testament uses of Kingdom of God/Heaven; a Guestbook; and an "Acknowledgements" section added to "About The Author." Some graphic changes were made as well, including a redesigned header, new buttons, a counter, and corrections of the alignments on all the pages.
February 20, 2009 - Made revisions to the structure of the Closer Look article, "Who is Messiah?" Also added several paragraphs and more Scripture references.
November 5, 2008 - Moved link to my blog to the "About the Author" section, so as to not have the focus on "me". Also moved the link to "What's New" on the index page to a more prominent spot.

May 25, 2008 - After being down since my hosting agreement expired in January, the site has been relaunched as Godskingdomfirst.ORG (instead of .NET). The .net domain name was only renewable if I continued to be hosted by the same provider, but I found one that hosts for free. I only needed to register a new domain name, hence the change.
I made some changes to the layout and some of the content as well. The biggest change in content is a reworking and reorganizing of the Future Events page. The biggest layout change is the new Home or Index page, which has a site overview that includes graphics, making for a more attractive welcome. The rest of the stuff that used to be on the Home page is now on a separate page, called Introduction.
May 5, 2008 - Began a new blog, while the website was down.
October 15, 2007 - Added Overviews at the top of each section page, and replaced the Site Map with a general Overview of the sections, to aid in seeing how the articles fit together.
August 25, 2007 - Revised the studies of Matthew 10:23 and Luke 21, in "Jesus' View" on the Future Events page.
July 24, 2007 - Added more scripture references and several new paragraphs to Old Testament Foundation, Kingdom Come, and Future Events pages.
July 19, 2007 - Added "Feedback" to Etcetera page of main site, in place of forum.
July 9, 2007 - Added an extra paragraph and more Scripture references (about Israel's future) to the Kingdom Come page.
June 12, 2007 - Added links for downloadable Word and PDF versions of Repent and Be Baptized to the "Baptism" article.
May 9, 2007 - Launched FEEDBACK FORUM.
May 7, 2007 - Added paragraphs about As A Man Thinketh to the "Living By Faith" article. Also added a few new Scripture references to Future Events page, and to "The More Abundant Life" and "The Day Jesus Died" articles.
May 3, 2007 - Completed Future Events page.
March 31, 2007 - Added "Seeking the Truth" to the Etcetera page.
February 14, 2007 - Completed the Closer Look article, "The More Abundant Life."
February 1, 2007 - Added "The Day Jesus Died" to the Etcetera page.
January 26, 2007 - Launched website.


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